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Disinterested Detective L


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Sprinkled Donut
Sep 7 '14

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Sep 7 '14

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Sep 7 '14

Nonsexual acts of Intimacy - Select from the following for my muse to respond to...

  • ♔ : Finding your muse wearing their clothes
  • ♕: Holding hands
  • ♖: Having their hair washed by your muse
  • ♗: Your muse falling asleep with their head in my muse's lap.
  • ♘: Cuddling in a blanket fort
  • ♙: Sharing a bed
  • ♚: Head scratches
  • ♛: Sharing a dessert
  • ♜: Shoulder rubs
  • ♝: Reading a book together
  • ♞: Caring for each other while ill (specify which party is which)
  • ♟: Patching up a wound
  • ♤: Taking a bath together
  • ♧: Your muse playing with their hair
  • ♡: Accidentally falling asleep together
  • ♢: Forehead or cheek kisses
  • ♠: Your muse adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc.
  • ♣: Back scratches
  • ♥: Your muse crying about something
  • ♦: Slow dancing

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Sep 7 '14

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Sep 7 '14

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Sep 4 '14

Most long time DN fans will remember the horror of the Watari milkshake….*gags*

Mun: Oh god. I had nearly forgotten about Watari’s Milkshakes. *shivers* uuugh curse you! </3

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Sep 4 '14

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Sep 3 '14

Run, Matt, run!!!


Run, Matt, run!!!

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Sep 3 '14





*Writes a line*

*Procrastinates for an hour*

*Deletes line*

*Watches youtube for an hour*

*Eats everything in fridge*

*Writes a line*

*Thinks deeply about life*

*Feels like tossing the laptop into the ocean*

*Browses Tumblr for an hour*

*Whoa, inspiration strikes*

*Writes 3000+ Words in an hour*

This is alarmingly accurate.

It’s scary how accurate this is.

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Sep 3 '14





L’s A+ detective skills: part 5(?)

Light: I thought “he who strikes first wins.” I was letting you be white because I know you like to make the first move. I was trying to be nice but if that’s what I get for my troubles then I’ll just have to destroy you.


Light: Gettin’ REAL tired of your shit, L.
L: So you ARE Kira?!
Light: GOD DAMMIT L!!!
L: Kira has a God Complex. Was that a confession?
Light: You know what? I don’t wanna play chess anymore.
L: So your giving up? You’re turning yourself in?
L: It’s what’s wrong with YOU that got me investigating in the first place.
L: Is that a threat?
Light: I don’t have to deal with this.
L: So…
Light: Shut up.
L: …
Light: …
L: …
Light: …
L: Ok, I got all I needed.
Light: Fuck you.

On today’s edition of That’s Not Evidence!!!

You know I’m starting to think L isn’t a qualified detective at all but just some creepy-looking bum Watari picked up off the street and that’s why his identity is shrouded in secrecy.

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Sep 2 '14

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you….


My headcanons!

Who kills the bugs
Who hogs the sheets
Who hates mornings
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law
Who drives
Who gets horny in awkward public places
Who had a scene phase
Who wore braces
Who got bullied.
Who collects ceramic elephants.

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Sep 2 '14

GAY~ &lt;333


GAY~ <333

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Sep 1 '14

Death Note Cosplay Problems:

Mun: One time a few years ago I was cosplaying L at a convention and carrying around a giant rainbow lollipop that my Light Yagami bought me…and out of no where a person I have never met, or spoke to before, dressed as Mello came up and grabbing my arm pulled it down and licked(and I mean DRUG THEIR NASTY TONGUE ALL OVER IT) my lolli without a care as I was holding it. I was so distraught.

 <—— My Face

PS: Don’t be cruel to Light Yagami cosplayers and tell them they are evil and need to die. Its COSPLAY.

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Sep 1 '14

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Sep 1 '14
misery business male


Cocky L stealing Light away from Misa…I approve.

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